Advisory board

The Advisory Board of futureSAX

The advisory board of the futureSAX GmbH, elected in accordance with the company's statutes, serves as a discussion partner for the management and the shareholders. In particular, technical and strategic issues are discussed.

The five members of the advisory board come from all target groups of the innovation platform. Under the direction of the advisory board chairperson, Ms. Duarte Martinez, the advisory board meets at least twice a year.

Chairman of the Advisory Board and Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board

Further advisory board members


Manuela Harken

Advisory board member

Manuela Harken has been working in the Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank - for 25 years. The banker and business economist has held various positions in the departments of economics, education and the staff of the board of directors. Since 2017 she has been in charge of the Subsidy Department. This includes the departments of economics, education, infrastructure and product management. At the same time, she heads the Economics department as department head.


Dietrich Hoffmann

Advisory board member

Dietrich Hoffmann has been involved in the promotion of business start-ups at Project Management Jülich for more than twenty years. Since 2008, the graduate engineer has been head of the department for the promotion of start-ups and is responsible for implementing the EXIST program of the BMWi.

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