02.09. -19.10.2021 Application period
29.10.2021 Preselection of the best business ideas
11. - 12.11.2021 Meeting of the expert panel
until 24.11.2021 Submission of applications to the SAB
01/2022 Start of approval

You have an innovative business idea and would like to found a company?

Then the start-up grant InnoStartBonus from the Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment and Transport in cooperation with futureSAX and the Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank is just the right thing for you!

The Free State of Saxony will support you with the InnoStartBonus before and at the beginning of your business start-up.

6th Call of the start-up grant InnoStartBonus

Application period: Septembre 2nd - October 19th 2021

You have an innovative business idea and would like to found a company? Find the application form here!

The most important facts about the InnoStartBonus

Where can I find the funding guidelines?

Directive on the granting of subsidies for innovative start-ups of 14.02.2019 (funding directive InnoStartBonus)

What is supported?

The Free State of Saxony supports potential founders with innovative business ideas within the framework of a competitive procedure following a call for funding. A business idea is considered innovative if it serves the realization of something new with market potential or contains an innovation that results in a significant improvement of products, services, procedures, processes or business models with increased customer benefit. This can be a product or service innovation, a process or procedure innovation or a business model innovation. The newly founded company must have its headquarters in the Free State of Saxony.

What is important?

  • Founder personality/ founding team
  • Customer benefit, innovative content or novelty of the idea
  • Addressed market, competitive situation
  • Feasibility
  • Industry, demand

What amount is the funding?

The InnoStartBonus start-up support represents a monthly subsidy of 1000 € per founder plus a child bonus of 100 € per dependent child per month.

  • Monthly payment per founder for the time before the company is founded (max. six months)
  • Payment of the installments in one sum for the period after the foundation only upon proof of the foundation (up to a maximum of the twelfth month of the funding period).
  • If there is no proof of the company foundation by the end of the twelfth month after the first payment, the funding period ends without payment of the total final installment.

Who is eligible for funding?

  • Persons with an age of at least eighteen years who have their main residence in the Free State of Saxony
    Start-up teams can be supported up to two persons per start-up project (consideration of the professional background)
    excluded are recipients of the "Technology Founder Grant".1
  • excluded are persons who claim a benefit according to § 137 of the Third Book of the Social Security Code - Employment Promotion -, in connection with a start-up subsidy granted according to §§ 93, 94 of the Third Book of the Social Security Code or according to § 7 of the Second Book of the Social Security Code - Basic Security for Job Seekers -, in connection with a start-up allowance granted according to § 16b of the Second Book of the Social Security Code

1 Beneficiaries and eligibility criteria according to letter C. II and III of the ESF guideline "Unternehmensgründung aus der Wissenschaft" (Business start-ups from science) of 26 May 2015 (SächsABl. p. 806), last contained in the administrative regulation of 1 December 2017 (SächsABl. SDr. p. 402)

How does the implementation take place?

The funding period is divided into two six-month accompanying phases. The selected applicants who have received a positive funding application enter the first phase immediately after receiving the funding decision. They will be announced as part of the accompanying public relations work for the InnoStartBonus model project and presented on the futureSAX website. At the beginning of the first funding phase, there will be an individual kick-off meeting at futureSAX. During this meeting, the founder will be informed about the possibilities and offers of the innovation platform and will be given individual recommendations for contacts from the futureSAX network. Already in this phase, all event formats and offers of futureSAX are available to the future founder. They will be integrated into the existing network activities.

Before the prospective founders enter the second funding phase, a "follow-up meeting" with futureSAX is held. The goal is to coordinate the next milestones for the second funding period. The participation in the follow-up meetings is confirmed by futureSAX on a form provided by the SAB, which the founders submit to the SAB. After six months at the latest, and thus at the end of the first phase, the company should be founded (business registration).

The second accompanying phase ends after six months with a "wrap-up meeting".

What is new and special about InnoStartBonus?

The InnoStartBonus is a combination of competition and promotion. futureSAX GmbH was commissioned by the Saxon State Ministry of Economics, Labor and Transportation with the application and selection process as well as the implementation of the model project. Approval is granted by the Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank - within four weeks. Another special feature is that, in addition to the monthly grant of €1000 for implementing the innovative business idea before and at the beginning of the business start-up, an additional monthly child bonus of €100 per dependent child is paid for the duration of the grant. Another new feature is that after submitting the idea paper via the futureSAX website, a pre-filled application form for the formal application to the Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank - will be generated and made available to the applicant for download. The inserted content in the SAB application form refers to the information provided in the online questionnaire.

Your contact at futureSAX


Heinz Truckenbrodt

Project Manager Start-up

Idea Phase & InnoStartBonus

After several years as an international product manager for a global automotive industry, Heinz Truckenbrodt completed a master's degree in industrial engineering and management at the Technical University of Dresden and Mid Sweden University with a focus on corporate development & innovation and lightweight construction. During this time he worked as a startup consultant at dresden|exists and as such became self-employed in the field of business development for startups. His affinity for digital technologies and business model innovations resulted in a thesis on the digital transformation of the automotive industry. In addition, he has been involved for several years as a volunteer in two associations for the promotion of culture.