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Das futureSAX-Know-how-Netzwerk bietet auf den ersten Blick alle wichtigen Infor­ma­tionen zu inter­essanten Partnern und Angeboten sowie Veran­stal­tungen der sächsi­schen Wissen­strans­ferak­teure.

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Welche Ansprech­partner gibt es in Ihrer Nähe, die Ihnen mit Ihrem Innova­ti­ons­projekt in Sachsen weiter­helfen können? Unsere futureSAX-Know-how Karte hilft Ihnen sich einen schnellen Überblick zu verschaffen.

Wann ist die nächste Veran­staltung für mich?

16.03.2017 – 17.03.2017

UFZ Final Workshop BioEconomy 2017 - How to manage BioEconomy regions?

Leipzig, 14:00 – 13:30 Uhr
This Workshop will present the different tools developed by the involved UFZ partners of the Accompanying Research team. The tools developed are meant to serve as support tools for the optimization of processes, products and cooperations within the cluster, thus helping in implementing the technologies developed within the cluster.
Language: Englisch

SPECIAL – PITCH YOUR IDEA for the BioEconomy Region 2017!
Deadline : 15. February 2017
APPLY NOW! www.ufz.de/pitch


Partners of this Accompanying Research are the ÖKON and UPR Departments at UFZ, as well as the DBFZ and the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL).

GET CONNECTED at the matchmaking points:
*Meet the experts of BCM BioEconomy Cluster Management GmbH, Smile, Gisbert, Social Impact Lab, Science Campus Halle etc.
Teilnahmegebühr: kostenlos/free


Technical Workshop on Biomethane Production in Small to Medium Scale Units
So far biomethane production has only established in large scale applications as there are still many challenges to be solved in order to make small to medium scale biomethane production economically feasible and widely accessible to European farmers. The project Record Biomap is monitoring the technology development in this sector and aiming to foster the use of research outcomes.


To bridge the gap between research and market, a knowledge transfer platform will be established to support the dissemination and exploitation and bring the industry sector, the end users and other important stakeholders together.
This workshop will present and discuss the most promising technology solutions along the biomethane supply chain in the sectors substrate pretreatment, digestion and gas upgrading for the use of biomethane as a fuel or for feed-in to the natural gas grid.
Teilnahmegebühr: keine
29.03.2017 – 30.03.2017

3rd International Conference on Monitoring & Process Control of ADs

Novel process monitoring and controlling tools are necessary to improve performance of anaerobic digestion. The 3rd International Conference on “Monitoring & Process Control of Anaerobic Digestion Plants” focuses on the requirements of measurement tools, best practice and practically implemented applications of monitoring and control devices.


Anmeldung über:
>> https://www.energetische-biomassenutzung.de/de/veranstaltungen/tagungen/prozessmesstechnik-2017/registration.html

>> https://www.energetische-biomassenutzung.de/de/veranstaltungen/tagungen/prozessmesstechnik-2017/programme-29032017.html
Teilnahmegebühr: 80-260 €

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