InnoStartBonus - Sponsored Call 2

Overview of innovative business ideas from Call 2

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Across Saxony, 17 start-up projects from six sectors received a positive vote on eligibility for funding in the second call, with nine planned individual start-ups and eight team start-ups. Eleven concepts are planning their foundation in Dresden or Leipzig and six more in rural areas.

Oldtimerparts reconstructs and digitalizes spare parts of classic cars. Through predominantly additive manufacturing technologies for plastic, rubber and metal parts, physical spare parts and a 3D model database are created.

Silke Asse-Alltagsbegleitung - Digitally supported everyday accompaniment of senior citizens and persons in need of help. The use of software and mobile devices helps to train cognitive abilities and prevent boredom.

Under the publishing house name Pio Games board games are published from own development. The focus is on innovative game mechanics, a strong thematic immersion and analog hand-made illustrations.

A PC game about flow and the playful, visual experience of one's own emotions. The software reacts to the emotional behavior of the user through a force feedback system based on AI and evolutionary algorithms.

Lost in Sprays communicates complex, technical themes by means of artistic murals. The target group is small and medium sized companies that want to attract special attention and create an external effect on the viewer through the size and

Inflame Brain combines education, business & humanity by working on the principles of the immune system in a fun hit & run strategy game. In a new way education & fun is brought to Smartphone & Tablet.

WFT- Work For Teenager

Placement agency for students who are unskilled workers looking for a vacation job, a part-time job in the afternoon or on weekends at regional companies (initially in Lusatia)

DestinGo is a platform that generates random experiences for the day based on the user's profile - under the parameters of environment, needs, weather, etc. - to avoid discussions and boredom.

Planting nest brings more green and the feeling of gardening home. Automated watering and lighting of the vertical planting tower provides evergreen herbs.

EDBYTO programs Augmented Reality Apps and is specialized in the digital transformation of museum exhibits.

RAKE assists in the procurement and evaluation of web content from external websites. This is achieved by using the latest screen and web scraping technologies tailored to your specific application.

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