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futureSAX Innovation Summit

The futureSAX Innovation Summit including the awarding of the Saxon Start-up Award took place as an online live show on July 8th.

Morpheus Space wins the Saxon Start-up Award 2020

On July 8, 2020, the Saxon Start-up Award 2020 was awarded at the Messe Dresden. For the 20th time already, the best Saxon start-up concepts were honoured. Due to the situation surrounding the corona pandemic, the award ceremony in the anniversary year did not take place as planned during the futureSAX Innovation Summit as an all-day event with over 500 guests. In a live broadcast show with streams on the website, Facebook and YouTube, Minister of State Martin Dulig honoured the Dresden-based company Morpheus Space GmbH as this year's award winner. Second place went to chip developer SEMRON GmbH, while third place was shared by the mechanical engineering specialist LiGenium GmbH from Chemnitz and Peerox GmbH from Dresden with its self-learning assistance system for machine operators.

futureSAX Innovation Summit 2020: Doku (German)

1. Place: Morpheus Space GmbH

At the futureSAX Innovation Summit on July 8, 2020, Morpheus Space GmbH was awarded the Saxon Start-up Award 2020. The Dresden-based start-up from the aerospace industry convinced the jury with its extensive further development of the idea of ion beam propulsion for nanosatellites, which had already won an award in 2019.

Rocket science made in Germany for a market that is expected to grow rapidly: The ion beam propulsion and associated control solutions from Morpheus Space are an essential component in making satellites lighter, smaller, more precise, and permanently maneuverable, thus enabling the operation of the foreseeable large number of satellites economically and safely (collision-free). In the course of the past 15 months, the propulsion hardware has been upgraded to include a convincing service concept and its functionality has been successfully demonstrated in real satellite operations.

Juror Hannes Schill, eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners AG

The energy-efficient semiconductor chips modeled on the human brain are unique in the world. The jury rewarded this concept with the second place.

With the renewable raw material wood, we implement demanding applications in logistics and mechanical engineering. The LiGenium® construction method has numerous technical advantages.

The assistance system MADDOX is a knowledge memory with self-learning search algorithm. In case of production disturbances, it independently analyses the situation and searches for suitable information.

Minister of State Dulig enthusiastic about Saxony's innovations

Saxony's Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Dulig, proudly presented the award at the futureSAX Innovation Summit, which, due to Covid-19, was this time broadcast live on the Internet. Especially the record number of participants with over 120 submissions is proof enough, that there are courageous founders in Saxony who radiate confidence. He also emphasized, that especially new, innovative business ideas and start-up concepts continue to write the success story in the innovation country Saxony.

„The 20th Start-up Award shows once again: Saxony is an attractive location for start-ups and those interested in founding their own business! I congratulate the winning teams and thank all those who have contributed with their innovative ideas to this anniversary year, which was marked by the Corona pandemic. I would also like to thank the more than 100 jurors and the entire futureSAX network, which supports the founders in the Free State with its wealth of knowledge and experience."

Martin Dulig, State Minister of Economic Affairs

The winner of the audience award is BWS-Education from Thalheim

The "Winner of Hearts" comes from the Erzgebirge: The BWS-Education UG from Thalheim was able to collect the most votes at the futureSAX Audience Award. With an anatomy learning platform, the founder trio, consisting of Robin Bauer, Sandro Wolfram, and Alexander Strehl, support pupils, trainees, and students, especially from the medical-therapeutic sector, with instructional videos, technical texts, and a live editable 3D anatomy model and other teaching aids. In this way, they are digitally enhancing therapeutic professions for individual home schooling, for example.

Your contact for the futureSAX Innovation Summit


Tom Schneider


Digital Plattform

After studying transport economics at the Technical University of Dresden, the former basketball player was involved for several years in the interests of the crafts enterprises in Eastern Saxony, including the nationwide broadband expansion. As the representative for innovation and technology in the crafts sector, he supported craftsmen and women in the (further) development of their ideas into marketable innovations. The focus was always on the networking and communication of the various products, players and facilities. This passion for good marketing also shaped his excursion to a medium-sized software company, which he helped to work out the relevant core of the services offered and to communicate in such a way that you are understood by the target group.   

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