9th Saxon Start-up Partner Network Meeting

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  2. 9th Saxon Start-up Partner Network Meeting

9th meeting of the Saxon Start-up Partner Network in Dresden

Rückblick zum 9. Treffen des Sächsischen Start-up-Partner-Netzwerks 2020

At the annual kick-off meeting of the Saxon start-up partner network, 32 participants followed futureSAX's call to the TechnologieZentrumDresden (TZD). The focus was on the exchange of information on current activities of the start-up support scene throughout the Free State of Saxony.

First, futureSAX managing director Marina Heimann thanked all members of the network for their joint efforts:

"The joint work in the Saxon innovation ecosystem with all members has set many positive impulses. I am looking forward to our joint work with all network members in 2020 and to everything WE will do together in the ecosystem."

Afterwards the host and managing director of TechnologieZentrumDresden GmbH, Dr. Bertram Dressel, proudly welcomed the guests at the new TZD branch, the Universelle Werke. This is a technical center for lightweight construction and plastics technology as well as a start-up center for spin-offs from the Technische Universität Dresden. In addition, the innovation-oriented technology location houses the Dresden branch of the German Aerospace Center, in whose premises the event took place.

First-hand insights: How the state rewards Angel Investing

As a special guest the round welcomed Dr. Roland Kirchhof, executive committee of the Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e. V. (BAND). With his keynote speech he introduced those present to the possibilities of start-up financing through the INVEST grant.

The support program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy mobilizes more private venture capital from business angels through a government grant and thus helps founders to find an investor more easily. Those who wanted to delve deeper into the subject also took advantage of the opportunity to attend the cooperation event between futureSAX, the BAND and the Federal Association of German Start-ups (BVDS) at the same location directly afterwards. Further information on the INVEST grant can also be found on the BMWi website. 

Saxon start-up partners make 2020 the founding year

futureSAX project manager Alexander Seedorff also provided information about the 20th Saxon Founders Award, among other things. Prospective founders and young companies can still apply for the cross-industry competition until March 29, 2020.

Afterwards the start-up partners had their say. In their tried and tested manner, they reported on the start-up-supporting activities planned in the near future in all regions of Saxony. It became clear: In 2020 everything will remain the same! Saxony's start-up scene can already look forward to many new formats and valuable events and activities. - In order not to lose track of the variety of exciting events, it is worth taking a look at the futureSAX calendar of events. This is where partners from all over Saxony enter their dates.

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