InnoStartBonus - Sponsored Call 1

Overview of innovative business ideas from Call 1

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In the first call for funding, 19 start-up projects from seven sectors throughout Saxony received a positive vote on eligibility for funding, with 12 planned individual start-ups and seven team start-ups. 13 concepts are planning their foundation in Chemnitz, Dresden or Leipzig and six more in rural areas.

The idea of BRICK4U belongs to the division of PropTech's, a hardware, the BRICK, digitizes real estate. Consumers (tenants and owners), in the future also property managers, can track consumption via app - in real time.

RÅVARE sees itself as a Leipzig manufactory that produces high-quality and functional products in individual style and exclusive design from needle felt. Customers who are looking for class instead of mass or for unique pieces will find it

IRMELs is a social business that combines social commitment, sustainable gastronomy and economic success. It creates a place in the urban space of authentic communication and cooperation between young and old.

UTILLY wants to produce high quality sustainable textiles regionally and sell them to young, nature and fashion conscious people. Transparency in production and individualization for retailers will be the main customer value

Theo Turnt is a movement and play program for children from 1-6 years. It is implemented regionally with children's gymnastics courses and the expansion of individual offers, which are scaled via a platform.

On the blufoo online marketplace the customer finds a full range of products that have been produced as fairly, regionally and sustainably as possible. Manufacturers and retailers offer their goods for sale on the marketplace.

Seedpicks is a platform for young eco-brands that make our world a little better. Consumers become members and give a stage to those producers who rethink packaging, resources, processing or shipping.

At Rabatz Kickermanufaktur, the symbiosis of craftsmanship and innovative technology leads to top-class table soccer tables. The idea is to offer or sell a foosball table as a piece of furniture or art object.

ARBOREAL uses special practices to shape trees in such a way that finished furniture grows directly from them. These are harvested in the field, dried, sanded and are ready for sale. The result is stylish, exclusive luxury furniture.

The bike skirt with the zipper effect is the garment for all women who want to be elegantly dressed while riding a bike: Zip it on and off, zip it back on and you're ready for the next meeting.

How does a sports psychologist get to his clients? Sure, first and foremost through personal recommendations. But unlike ten years ago, this cabin talk is no longer enough. Sports psychologists create the right platform solution.

Kombinat Lump facilitates access to art. Instead of selecting a beautiful motif online only once and never thinking about it again, a subscription includes high-quality prints every 2 months - information about the work and the artist inclu

As an innovative fashion concept store again offers hip outfits from fair and sustainable production. With the rental option, customers can get new favorite clothes at any time and wear them for as long as they want - purchase option includ

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